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Sunday, November 19th, 2006
2:16 am - chris
for fucks sake!

i am so bloody confused its not funny.

this happens with every single relationship i have and im sick of it. i tell them i love them and just throw myself into it and they fuck me around. you'd think i'd learn.

he says he needs space coz his head if fucked or some shit... but i give him all the space he needs. i make all the fucking effort all the time. all ive done is just be there for him and he just keeps pushing me away.

the stupid thing is that i shuld hate him but i dont. i love him. i love him so much! and like the stupid fuck i am im going to wait for him. there's nothing else i can do. i told him i would never leave him. and im not going to. i know he needs me so i cant move on.  FUCK!

i love him..... im such a fucking idiot.

current mood: depressed

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Sunday, October 1st, 2006
1:53 pm - obviously

i think we all know what im aboot to say....................

ahhhhhhh chris :P

current mood: ecstatic

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Thursday, September 28th, 2006
10:25 pm - JOB

my job gets me all covered in beer and larger and "real ale"

and there are creepy old men who stare at me and try to touch my hand when i serve them

i dont like it!!!!!

current mood: frustrated

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Sunday, September 24th, 2006
2:33 pm - goddamnit!
i've been ill for like aaaaaaages and i went to town yesterday and i was fine... i was brilliant infact.

BUT as soon as i cam oot of le pub at like 8:30 my nose exploded and now it wont stop (yay).

on the plus side tho i had a really nice day yesterday. went to town aboot 12 and there was no one there so i phoned lou and she wasnt comming in till later. off i popped to get some more credit and phoned bethan and she walked towards me, how nice of her >_<. we went wandering and found sophie, ray and eddie. eddie buggered off to play pool and me and the girlies went to primark to bother jenny XD. i bought a cute little corsety boob tube thing and an aged 13 top :P. 
after that we went to meet up with chris K for lunch and we found lou and andrew so they came to... went to burger king but couldnt really eat much seeing as i had no room to expand thanx to my corset (i gave andrew pie my chips). chris ran off coz he only had 1/2 an hour for lunch and we toddled off to castle and sat around doing not much till lenny appeard and hugged lots ^_^.
was having other chris withdrawal so i phoned him and made him come see us. the of course i just HAD to go to the pub, if i didnt it would have been rude lol. sat there and got scared by another chris for ages with him talking aboot drawing and models and touching me and invading my personal space, so when i went to le bog i came back and sat next to bethan.
all of a sudden chris got really upset so i hugged him... didnt realise that he wouldnt let go for like ages tho, so i was stuck there for a while untill i was made to go for a walk to see if he'd cheer up. went oot to castle and there was apparently supposed to be a riot there coz a chav started on an emo or something :S anyhoob it didnt happen simply due to the fact that the chavs appologised when they saw the mass of people ready for a fight lollings. i actually managed to make chris smile and laugh just by repeatidly saying "shmile" in a gay little voice :P
we saw vickers and were introduced to his odd little friends who gave me apple pie (mmmmmm pie). then i got bored and went back to le pub and chris and bethan followed me like little sheepies (bless). spent the rest of my time in the office either making sure that ella didnt fall down the stairs when she went to le bog or being forced to sing "in the jungle" over and over and over again coz someone kept putting it on the juke box :P.
so we stayed there for aaaaaaaaages and ate mcflurry and made chris say the oddest things in his cute little kiddie voice, nut then we got bored so we left, which was when my nose exploded and you know the rest.

so yeah thats it...oof and bethan and moi are apparently going camping on the weekend (NOT going to happen), and we're going to a hoose party on halloween which will me muchio funio XD

tta x

(oh and, i met a boy who likes me >_< yay)

current mood: sick

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Sunday, September 17th, 2006
12:34 pm - ah saturdays

yesterday started off awsome... the birds were swaying the trees were singing etc...

i went to town and saw some verry smexy people who gave me prezzies >_< ... however i became a twat and lost my super cool amazing fag tin what lou lou gave me and now i feel pants as i am an extremely bad friend :(

i got banned from tesco lol... i bought bacardi and then becky drank some outside and a big fat balding security guard told me i wasnt allowd to go in there anymore.... oopsy *giggles*

i bought suff, and lots of it as i am amazing and it was my b-day and i had money from various different sources... i have amazingly cool black angel wings...they rock my socks... so yeah i went homies with sammy and we got changed and pissed aboot for a bit then went to china china for le smexy meal and i ate waaaaaaaaay too much crispy duck lol

so yes we finnished there...boogied down wind street and went to wait for a bus. we saw josh and he confussled me with his odd talk. i managed to find oot from him that len was still in town so i phoned her. she was just ootside the bus station and was screaming help at me so we ran ootside and found becca on the floor. apparently josh (stupid twat) had given her whisky and she was out of it. lenny was pannicing coz she was blaming herself as usual. but there's nobody to blame except becca! i no people are going to think this is harsh but i dont care lol. 

she knows what she gets like when she's drunk, she knew she wasnt in a safe environment, she know she's get in trouble if she was drunk! she only has herself to blame! what would have happened if she hadnt been with mates? what would have happened if everyone had gone home and left her? she's a stupid little girl who needs to grow up and start being responsible!

oo dear i sound all parenty...nm i dont care that is my view.

so yeah thats it...

oh no...i installed my bluetooth connection to my pc and now there are new pics on my myspazz woop!!!!!!!!!! XD

chiao x

current mood: cranky

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Friday, September 15th, 2006
9:24 pm - B-Day
yesterday was my birthday...

it rained lol


twas a good day and people were lovely to moi so yay aboot that BUT and i dont want to sound spoiled or like a little maddam or big headed or anything....the ONLY person who gave me a prezzie and made a REAL fuss of me yesterday was jenny. she was fantastic and made sure that i was smileing all the time she was around (bless her little cotton sockies). i just, fo some reason didnt feel very festive or birthday-like *sigh*

now this isnt a hint or anything but 2morrow is my 1st full day withoot school of being 18........come on people dont make megan turn EMO(!)

current mood: blah

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
6:53 pm - aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
i fucking hate small children!!!!!!

im going to kill them all by the time the play is finnished... especially jessica Killa (even a mini Killa gets on my tits!!)

i dont know what it is about them. they havent directly done anything to offend me i just want to gun them all down with a sawn off shotgun and according to pete i do actually have the profile of a serial killer....YAY >_< ... they all laugh in a realy high pitched annoying way and whisper about the 6th formers because we're odd or something (!) if it wasnt for katie being there to tell me to calm down today i'd have gone completely nuts and screamed at them... just glad i get to scare the ass of them in munchkinland muahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


current mood: pissed off

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
3:55 pm - sarah
sarah squidged my flab....eeeviiiiiiiil :P

current mood: ditzy

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Sunday, September 10th, 2006
7:07 pm - fuzz
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

current mood: creative

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5:16 pm - M&S


went shopping with chris and his mum and nan 2day XD

twas quite amusing...i skated round tesco >_<


current mood: sleepy

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Thursday, September 7th, 2006
7:26 pm - a nice walk

some may or may not know that becky and moi call having a fag "going for a walk"

i walked in my room just now.... twas amazing .... havent had a good walk in AAAAAGES!

god bless incense XD

current mood: satisfied

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1:56 pm - chuffed

i have like 2 friends!!!!!!!!!!! GO ME!

thats actualy quite sad aint it???

neever mind as im happy as a bee on hunny juice >_<

all my teachers keep telling me how proud they are and it makes me soooooooooooo happysome *giggle*

current mood: giggly

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Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
8:46 pm - wham bam

ok ... first! ... i saw susan 2day and it was creepy coz he waved at me :(

i was on my driving lesson and i unfortunately passed by Gwyr school at exactly the wrong time (ie, when susan was there). so anyhoob i spotted him with my kean drivers eye and was cunningly able to ignore his presence. He on 'tother hand saw me and waved like a loon, then all his gay little maties started waving to(!) so upset was i that the horrific creature that is susan waved at me, i nearly mowed down and old woman.. .luckily she hade a good ole spring in her step and bounced out of my way angrily shaking her fist as she went *sigh* i love old people.

so that was that... my driving lesson. as soon as i got home i had no time to loose as i ran and jumped on a bus to meet my sex on legs boyfriend. so there i was sitting on a stupidly old bus listening to my disney classics when he called me telling me he was going to be late (grrr). im used to it now tho as he does it every single fookin' time he's supposed to meet me (cant get his lazy ass oot of bed in time). But i thought to myself that there was no point in being angry, i shall simply use this time to go and get some money from the bank (i had my payslip this morning). i got off the bus and toddled off to the cash machine to take oot my hard earned cash, only to find that there WASNT ANY BLOODY IN THERE!!!!!!!! not to fear - i thought, i dont realy NEED it anyway. just to waste time i sauntered up to the train station to wait for my beloved and then, suprise suprise, he appeard.

we came home to watch the longest yard (funny as fuck btw) and were told by my darling brother to fuck off for half an hour while he finnished watching some crappy daytime TV. we trudged up the stairs to my shamingly messy bedroom and managed to fill the 1/2 hour by me tieing Cen to the bed and blindfolding him (that was LOTS of fun). so anyway we did that, went wand watched the movie and now im here... so thats my day

oof! and i saw lenny and andrew on le bus...they waved, i waved back

peace oot >_<

current mood: loved

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Monday, September 4th, 2006
6:56 pm - still odd :S
i still have no idea what im doing with this thing lollings :P

i have actually done my RS essay ... GO ME, i never do them and it's quite long. not up to angela's novel standard but long for my usual 1 1/2 page shit XD.

oof! funny thing last night, i was playing with my smexy new phone and locked myself oot of it hence then spending 3 hours on the phone to orange trying to get a PUK code whatever the fuck that is. anyhoob i fixed it now so all is good.

seeing the sex that is my boyfriend 2morrow and i intend on jumping on him as soon as i see him and not letting go as i am that childish >_<

back to ysgol on wednesday and i'd be lying if i said i was looking forward to it. i hate school. well not school, i like the experience of being there and seeing everyone every day and shit i just hate the rules, the uniform and the fact that i have to do work... i dont like work lol.

so dat is it... for now... might say some other useless crap later... you never know *shifty look*

oh yeah... and im cold (just thought i'd put that in...it's fookin freezing!)

current mood: cold

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Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
8:05 pm - wtf
this thing confussles me so

i dont no what im going and i dont know if i like it :S


i may ask chris for help

current mood: confused

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